A well defined message and a strategic approach must be at the source of every business decision. The message you drive is a reflection of your company's image. Whether your objective is a marketing campaign or an internal celebration, your message needs both clarity and a sense of purpose.

EVINCE has the right approach, listening carefully for the facts and creating win-win scenarios for clients and customers. We have dynamic, solutions-oriented programs designed to help you maximize and strengthen your overall initiatives, objectives, and image building campaigns. 

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Event marketing and production 

 EVINCE is your event marketing partner -- offering professional, top-quality promotional design, publicity and communications support for your events. We coordinate efforts for maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing and public relations programs, while assuring that corporate standards, brand requirements and budget objectives are met. We hold pre-event discussions with our clients to assess their priority areas and custom design our programs to meet their specific business objectives and desired outcomes.

What's so new about Sponsorships? What companies should be buying is not the right to claim they're a sponsor, but rather the right to create experiential overlays. The new sponsorship recognizes it as an investment. The questions then becomes not "How much can we spend?" but, "How much more do we want to sell?

Sponsorship is the fastest-growing form of marketing communication. As mass media reach and impact continues to decline, sponsorship increasingly delivers direct communication with your target customer for a smaller investment with larger returns.                                                                                                                       

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Our suppliers offer top quality engineers and equipment to meet all your needs. Our production teams have over 25 years experience with high tech production and equipment. From indoor/outdoor concerts to sound and lighting systems small and large, staging, theatrical and speaking engagements, we are your one stop-shopping place for special events. 

Our team will meet with you to discuss the many features that can be integrated into a show. We will carefully walk through your vision with you. Effective site procurement is where we actually make things happen, carefully monitoring all the conditions of staging a great event.

Our diverse backgrounds in everything from management and design to entertainment and promotions have made us adept at tackling the individual needs of each client. 

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